College Pointers, LLC - Summary of Services

Countdown to College, a Comprehensive Plan
Junior through Senior Year

This is the premier comprehensive plan organized to guide the student to college choices that best match the student’s strengths, needs and interests. This plan offers a step-by-step process under the guidance of a trained and experienced College Pointers consultant. The activities, research and list development enable the student to take an active role and thus gain the knowledge and confidence to make the best possible college choice. This plan is designed for students to begin the selection process in the junior year and continue through the application stage, acceptances and decision making in senior year. Students and their families have the option to sign on in June of the sophomore year. Countdown to College includes face to face meetings, extensive research, email and telephone communications that highlight the following topics:

  • Consultation with student and parents to explore educational goals
  • Overview of current college admissions environment
  • Assess student’s academic background and extracurricular activities
  • Identify strengths, needs and interests through step-by-step exercises
  • Personality assessment and evaluation of learning style
  • Develop academic and extracurricular profile
  • Techniques and tools for researching college options
  • Develop list for “best-fit” colleges to include “reach, match and likely” choices
  • Timetable for application process, deadlines and testing
  • Preparation for college visits
  • Strategies for admission and alumni interviews
  • College essay brainstorming and review
  • Overview of financial aid, scholarships and FAFSA
  • Evaluation of acceptances and guidance on decision making

Senior Express

The Senior Express plan is fundamentally the same as the Countdown to College. It is a more intensive and demanding program due to time constraints.

Transfer Express

This plan is for the student who has attended a community college, or has decided to transfer from a four-year institution. There are many similarities to the Senior Express plan. Relevant topics include transfer programs, articulation agreements, transfer credit and transfer scholarship programs.

Jump Start College

This package is designed for students in their freshman and/or sophomore year to build a foundation for their college future. The Jump Start services include the following:

  • Review of academic record
  • High school course selection
  • Extracurricular interests and opportunities
  • Overview of current college admissions environment
  • Testing schedule
  • Test preparation options
  • Recommendations for interacting with high school personnel
  • Timetable to junior year

College Essay Prep and Writing

The essay preparation and writing package is designed for the junior and senior to help develop an effective college essay. The package includes the following:

  • Overview of common application essay questions
  • Brainstorming essay ideas
  • Essay development and structure
  • Grammar and punctuation review
  • What not to say-essay blunders
  • The supplemental essay

Senior Year Tune Up

This package is designed for the senior who does not need the full comprehensive plan. The student may need assistance with application review, essay review, or college choice decision making.